For the young creative entrepreneurs that are tired of traditional schools and are ready for the school of life…

Discover your purpose in the next exciting chapters of your life, how to adult, and still be a kid all at the same time.






For the late night ice cream eaters, Netflix bingers, and couch potatoes…

Get ready to live and love the active, healthy life you once dreamt of.


For the beautiful souls that are going through a breakup or a situation they can’t control…


It’s time to make better choices and love yourself like never done before.

Jaslin Martin

Jaslin Martin

Co-Founder of Life Health Soul

Jaslin Martin started her personal development journey at the young age of 12. From there she met her mentors such as Tony Robbins, Dan Millman, Jennifer Grace, Darren Hardy, and many others. She became a graduate of Landmark, Mastery University, CIJourney, CAJourney, and the Peaceful Warrior. With all of this accumulated knowledge she started to take action.

After graduating Summa Cum Laude (top 3% of her class) she started her first business at 18 years old. Shortly after finishing her AA in Psychology at Miami Dade Honors College she became a Certified Life Coach and a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer. At 22 years young she became an instructor for a Stanford University Master’s Degree Course called CIJourney. All of her work and progress can be found in her Life Health Soul that she created with Marlu Martin.

Marlu Martin

Marlu Martin

Co-Founder of Life Health Soul

Marlu is a mother and grandmother who teaches self-love.  She helps people visualize their dreams, conducts guided meditation and uses spiritual tools to give clarity and find purpose in life.

She is also certified in Holistic Nutrition, Life Coaching and Zumba to help people who struggle with weight and its health consequences achieve a confident, happy, permanent lifestyle.  As a plant-based diet advocate, she helps people reach a natural, healthy way of eating.

Together with her daughter, Jaslin, she created a Holistic approach to coaching. They take in consideration the entire person, culture, lifestyle, and needs. As pioneers in the field, they give seminars, courses and live workshops to help each individual find balance in their life, health, and soul journey.