Below you will find all 10 categories of the Wheel of Life so that you can see exactly how you should rate yourself.

1. Job/Career/Calling

There is a difference between job, career, and calling. Where are you and how would you rate it?

Job: Something you do with the mindset that it’s a “for now” thing just to make some money and survive

Career: You have more of a long-lasting mindset. Focuses on what you do to make money and you plan on scaling up or getting promoted.

Calling: A calling is when your career is mixed in with your purpose. It’s something you LOVE to do and are excited to get to do every day.

2. Recreation

How often do you have fun and enjoy leisure activities? Do you feel like you stop and enjoy life? How often?

3. Time Management

What is your relationship to time? Do feel like you never have enough or like you have all the time in the world?

4. Self-Worth

Do you love yourself? Do you respect yourself by having boundaries? Do you trust your intuition and listen to it often?

5. Relationships

All in all do you feel like you have healthy relationships or toxic relationships? Whether it be with your friends, family, or significant other. Think about the top 5 you spend your time with. Do they support you or bring you down? Do they lighten your day or make it heavy?

6. Environment

How do you feel about your living space? Your work space? Your car? Your city? Your state?

7. Growth & Learning

If you are not growing you’re dying. Do you feel like you learn something new often? Do you feel like you are constantly working on being the best version of yourself?

8. Finances

What is your relationship to money? Do you feel like you never have enough or that you have all the money in the world?

9. Health

How is your health education, nutrition, fitness, and sleep overall?

10. Spirituality

I’m not talking specifically about religion. How spiritual are you in general? How much do you believe in the universe? Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Do you feel this sense of oneness in the universe? Do you trust the process of life to unfold in your best interest?