You’ve heard of The Law of Attraction, the word “manifest” has been bounced around, but you are not sure what it means, or how you can use it to improve your life.  Anything you’re new at may seem difficult. Just remember this: it really is this simple.

You can make each of your dreams come true with the right mindset.  Being positive is a choice.  And so is making your dreams come true.  It is not luck.  It is not fate.  It is your behavior, your action, which makes the difference.  And you cannot have action without first thinking of making that move.

Your expression (i.e: actions, behavior and body talk)  is the picture of your thought process. The universe is watching your expression.  And the universe listens; so, think before you speak.

1. Declare what you want. 

Decide on one thing you want.  It can be anything that is moral, ethical and legal which you wish to be, have or do. It can be something you want someone to express to you, like romance or an invitation, or something tangible like a job, car or more money.

When you are certain of what you wish for, write it down and put it in a place you can see daily.  With material things, you may prefer to cut a picture of it off a magazine, or sketch it, if you are an artist. The point is to look at it daily to remind yourself of your wish.

Personal Tip: I put a sentence below my picture.  It helps me to focus more when I read it out loud.  Hearing it from my own voice gives me a sense of purpose. Hope that helps you too!

2. Daily Affirmations

Think up some positive sentences you can tell yourself morning and night which will keep you focused. Daily affirmations are a wonderful habit to have. Some popular affirmations are…

I am my own person and can make my own decisions in _______

I will not be intimidated by other people who are arrogant because of their insecurities which are no concern of mine

I am letting go of pain, hurt and disappointment. I am moving on.

I love my heart. I love my mind. I love my body. I love me.

I am worthy of all good things that come my way.

Now, make up your own affirmations.  Be sure it is positive, written in present tense, and you believe in it.

1. __________________________________________________________________

2. __________________________________________________________________

3. __________________________________________________________________

3. Visualization

How to visualize: For the first few times, until you can visualize anywhere, find a place where you are comfortable and can close your eyes a few minutes to imagine the thing you want. Imagining it as if it is already happening will prepare you for allowing the opportunity in when it comes and to act upon it. Think of how it will feel in all your senses.

Another way to see your dream in your mind’s eye is creating your own dream board  and placing it somewhere it will catch your eye every single day. A dream board or vision board is a representation of some of the most important things you want to achieve.

Once created, you should look at it as often as possible to activate your reticular activating system. Notice the resources and opportunities necessary to make your dreams become part of your reality.

Creating your own dream board and placing it somewhere it will catch your eye every single day is a great way to see your future in your mind’s eye. A dream board or vision board is a representation of some of the most important things you want to achieve.

Creating a space which displays what you want to be, what you want to have, and what you want to do, actually makes these things come to life. Every time you look at your goals in pictures, you are essentially doing a short visualization exercise.

4. Believe In It AND Behave In It.

You have to behave as if the thing you want is already yours. Make your brain believe it is coming and act like it. Your actions will create a deeper belief. It is this belief that will create the life you want. This is the most important step.  Your mindset is everything.  All previous steps are basically preparing the path to Belief.

Examples:  If you wish to get closer to someone, act as if the relationship is already closer, making the friend your confidant. Treat them as if already having an in-depth connection.

If you wish to have more money, act as if the money is already in the bank.  I don’t mean to go buying things you do not have money for right now.  What I mean is to act as a rich person does, protecting your assets, understanding financial investing, speaking with authority and confidence, selecting quality associates, reading and developing your skills. Consider reading about how rich people think and emulate their ways to help you achieve this belief.  Or take a financial counseling course if that’s not your skill.

5. Have An Attitude of Gratitude

Write down all the things you are grateful for. Having an attitude of gratitude opens you up for positive and meaningful experiences.

Write 5 – 10 things you feel you are blessed with.  For example:

I am grateful (or blessed) for acquaintances turned into life-long friends.

I am grateful for the upbringing I had.

I am grateful I have my needs met.

I am grateful there is a mentor I can count on.

6. Seek the Opportunities.

Sometimes we are so busy waiting for something to fall from the sky that we don’t see opportunities right in front of our faces. Open your mind to possibilities where you may or may not have looked before.

For example, if you are looking for a mate, you would seek a person with similar interests.  Where do you meet a person who shares your same point of view as those you value most? Write down the values, similarities to you, and belief systems you would want your ideal mate to have.  Then seek the place where you would meet others who could have these check-marks!

The point is, to not sit around and wait for the universe to bring your desires and throw it on your lap, unless you are doing something to make it happen. You have to put in work to show you really want it. When the universe is satisfied that you are showing the willingness to sacrifice today for a better you, the better you pops up.  The rest happens exponentially.  Success is around the corner from hard, smart, work.

7. Share Your Story

We are all living examples to others.  With your life experience you can make another person happy or successful.  Many people need to hear how you did it to believe they can too.

Do not be afraid to teach others what you know.  The world is expansive and can meet everyone’s dreams.  You are not creating a rival.  Much to the contrary, you create an ally.  If you do good, goodness comes back to you ten-fold.  Teach, and you shall receive its warm reward.

When you have felt the manifestation of your dream come true, share with others this testimony.  Your story will inspire others to have more, be more and do more.  Teach them they too can achieve anything they want.  The universe only has to be aligned to them.  The law of Attraction is the way.

Enjoy the journey!