Jaslin Martin

Let me give you a quick backstory:

Once Upon A Time…

There was a young girl that couldn’t, for the life of her, stand her parents fighting. Her bigger sister was always in trouble, her father was an alcoholic and cocaine addict, and she needed a way out of her reality. So, similar to other people her age she had imaginary friends… but inside books.

My First Book

One day… I was given my first book from my best friends Godfather and writer. His name was Dan Wakefield. Ever since that day, books became my escape from the world just as much as they were my saviors. I didn’t need a knight in shining armor because I had books as my companions.

Truthfully, I was a little Belle who just wanted adventure in the great wide somewhere. And I got just that in all of my books. Dystopian novels became my favorite because who doesn’t love stories of the world ending and people finding a way to not only survive but thrive? Showing that there is always hope and more to learn from. I love them! It’s a way for us to see that even in the worst of times, there is hope.

My First Glimpse in Personal Development

While growing up (sadly I am not a good pirate and couldn’t sail my way to Neverland) I became engrossed in personal development. At the age of 12 I started to search for a religion that matched my beliefs. The closest, at the time, was Wiccan. During my search, I found The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman which shifted my life towards soul work. I learned – at a young age – the importance of the here and now, keeping your inner child alive, and serving others.

Then, I ran into Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, and Tony Robbins to better myself in all aspects of life. I became a top student in my classes and a business minded individual whom just wanted to help others succeed on their own as well. At the age of 17, I started my first non-profit organization. At the age of 18, I joined my first network marketing company. Business became part of who I was. It was a way to express myself and serve others at the exact same time.

The Nickname Sunshine

My father, who taught me both to love books and showed me ways to self-improve, named me Sunshine at a young age. He said I brightened up his day! And ever since I have done my very best to brighten everyone’s day. It’s been a dream of mine to reach as many people as possible and change their lives for the better. What better way than the world wide web?

Life Health Soul

Through time I realized I have three passions in life.

    1. Serving others. Listening to people and helping them realize that they have the answer to their problem within themselves already. I realized later that this is exactly what a Life Coach does and I went for it!
    1. Business. Both of my parents met in Amway, had me, and I’ve loved business ever since my first breath. Helping others realize their potential, unlimited pay that is dependent on how much value you give someone compared to how much someone thinks an hour of your time is worth and amazing self-love products.
    1. Self-Improvement. I love personal development. The idea of always growing, always learning, invigorates me! Books, personal development, and soul work are all essential to my daily life.

The idea that I can mix all three passions into one makes me extremely gitty! So Life Health Soul was born!

I created Life Health Soul for anyone and everyone that wishes to grow in their life and business; to love the person that they already are as a whole. Through the light, through the shadows, inside and out.


“Awakening Your Awareness”

Jaslin Martin started a non-profit organization throughout high school. When she graduated Summa Cum Laude (top 3% of her class) she started her first network marketing business at 18 years old. She finished her AA in Psychology at Miami Dade Honors College and followed her passion. Throughout her life, she has been a student of many teachers such as Dan Millman, Jim Rohn, and Tony Robbins to name a few. She has taken many courses and seminars such as Landmark, The Gratitude Training, Mastery University, and Peaceful Warrior Retreats. At 21 years of age, she became a Certified Life Coach and a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer. Today, she is the co-founder of LifeHealthSoul.com empowering people to find their life’s purpose and create daily disciplines to make their dreams a reality.

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