His last 2 texts to me:

“I miss you”



Have you ever been mad at someone so much that you don’t answer back to their texts?

That was me a few hours before he got into a car crash that took his life.


Lesson 1:

Never go to sleep without fixing any problems with your loved ones.

You never know if you’ll see them again.

He was my first love. My first kiss.

I was 17 years old. I had 3 months left before I turned 18. I remember he would count down the months and remind me that he was going to propose to me.

I always fought him on that saying I was too young. That it doesn’t matter that I had known him since I was 11 years old, it wasn’t happening.

I wrote him an email the night before that I was afraid to send him. Professing my love to him fully and asking him to be my boyfriend again. I never was able to send it.


Lesson 2:

Speak your mind. Don’t hold in strong emotions. Follow your gut, especially about love. Don’t be afraid.

At a young age, we had dated and about 6 months of this amazing relationship that we shared, he kissed another girl. I took it personal and fled.

For six years he chased me. For six years I loved him. For six years I refused to tell him, afraid of being hurt again.


Lesson 3:

By staying away I was hurting myself more than if I were to have been with him once again. Take chances.

I never thought I could love again. How could I after that experience?

One Day I decided that it would be Day One. Things were going to be different! I spent an entire year growing and transforming… And then I met him.


Lesson 4:

It’s never too late to fall in love.

I fell completely and utterly in love with an amazing man. A feeling I thought was impossible for three years.

My first love wasn’t the one. I thought he was until I fell in love again.


Lesson 5:

It’s Possible


It’s possible to love.

It’s possible to be deserving of.

It’s possible to become sane.

It’s possible to get rid of the pain.

It’s possible.


Lesson 6:

If it’s possible for me, you better darn well know it’s possible for you too.


Lesson 7:

Never Give Up.


His favorite quote.


Lesson 8:

“Smile, Even if there is nothing to smile about.” -Ivan

My two largest lessons.


Lesson 9:

Find the good in everything


Lesson 10:

Because Everything Happens For A Reason.


The Unread Text: