Money used to scare the pandas out of me after paycheck day. I would get paid, pay my bills, and have maybe $100 left for two weeks.

Look at the sentence above and notice the feeling that I had about money. Scared. I was scared of money. This made me realize something really important.

Financing is not just about knowing or not knowing what to do. No, there is a step before that.

Your emotional issues with money need to be solved first!

Serious question right now. What kind of emotion do you have towards money? Happiness? Greedy? Scared? Panicked? Worried? Grateful?

Really dig deep into what emotion you feel because it will allow you to answer the next question.


Why does money have a bad reputation in so many people’s eyes? Heck, even our own!

We have cliches like

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“More money, more problems.”

“You get what you pay for.”

I, personally, have had to tell my family I cannot spend time with them at the moment because I have to go to work.

We live in a society where we think it is okay to put our family, health and time aside for pieces of paper (or nowadays a number on our bank account). We have made money mean SO much to us!

Money is an Illusion

Money takes the shape of whatever feeling you want it to mean. It’s an amplifier of the emotion that you are feeling.

I was scaredĀ²!

When people say they want money, do they really mean that green rectangle thing that gets passed through billions of hands and must have a TON of germs on it? No!

People see money as a type of leverage towards others or situations. It gives us a specific feeling when we do have it or when we don’t.

So, we know what you felt BEFORE. What emotion do you want to feel NOW when you think of money? Happiness? Peaceful? Grateful?

I became PeacefulĀ² I was a better person and my financial situation became much better automatically! It suddenly was more than okay to take a break and have some me time or go to my family’s house for dinner compared to having a sandwich alone in my room and working my butt off.

I became a better person and my financial situation became much better automatically! Money started to flow in unexpectedly, opportunities came at me from all sides, because I lived in a state of abundance. I suddenly started investing into my future by getting a Life Insurance, investing into one self-help book a week to read, and was happier throughout my life.

How are you going to use your money differently starting right now?

Ex. Instead of ___. I am going to ___. Be as specific as possible!

  • Instead of paying my bills first I am going to pay myself first by saving 7% into an emergency fund and 7% into an investment fund
  • Instead of saving all my money I am going to put $30+ aside to do something fun once a week for myself (spa, buy a book, go out with friends, etc.)
  • Instead of spending all my money on things I don’t need I am going to start investing in my future by getting a Life Insurance plan
  • Instead of being extremely clueless on what to do about my money problems I am going to reach out to and get some advice