Choices are highly important in life because every day is made by them. The life you are living in right now is made of choices. You wouldn’t have been born if your mommy and your daddy didn’t make the choices they did. You wouldn’t be staring at this blog if you didn’t make the choice to open it up.

The good thing about choices is that they are always there. The bad thing about them is that most people focus on the areas they cannot control in their life instead of focusing on what they can control. Imagine that someone cuts you off while driving. You have two choices

Imagine that someone cuts you off while driving. You may not be able to choose whether you got cut off or not, but you can control the way you act towards it. Will you flick him off? Cut him off in the future? What if you were to choose to think “He’s probably in a hurry” or “What if he’s rushing to the hospital to see someone?” You have a choice to see the world in a specific light.

People go through life saying they are who they are and they can’t change that. What if you can change your thoughts on how you react to things?

Luckily for you, this isn’t just a blog, this is an exercise. A journal exercise that will open your eyes to the idea that

Choices Create & We Create Our Choices

For this exercise, you are going to need a pen and paper because you are going to write some crazy stuff right now!

If you have not grabbed a pen and paper, seriously, this is your moment.

  1. Start with writing down positive experiences that have happened in your life. Let your mind wander and just write.

  2. What choices did you make that led to those positive experiences?

  3. What did you learn by making those choices that can make your life better?

Make sure to really dig deep into these three questions before you move on. Make sure to be in a relaxed state to answer these next questions:

  1. What choices have you made in your life that you are unhappy with?

  2. If you were to continue these negative choices what would your life be like?

  3. Write down NEW choices that you will make and it will empower your life forever!

Chance: The Difference Between Knowledge & Wisdom is Action

Great job! Woohoo! You did it! Par-tay!

You now have a basis to focus on that will improve your life. The main thing now is ACTION! Use what you have learned, keep the good, learn from the bad, and start fresh where is needed. Remember that when you reach an ending, it’s just a new beginning to a new story.

Remember that when you reach an ending, it’s just a new beginning to a new story. Let’s decide RIGHT NOW that today we close the old book with the old stories in our head. Keep the good, and let’s start a WHOLE new book that brings you joy.

Change: If Help Is Wanted

Please do not hesitate to sign up for a FREE session with me and we can happily talk about this or any other area you would like to talk about. I am here for you!